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April 16, 2012
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TUTORIAL: seer hood (also maid/thief/heir) by ciferacosplay TUTORIAL: seer hood (also maid/thief/heir) by ciferacosplay
this is written as though you are making a hood for the seer class, but it is easily modifiable for other classes like maid, thief, and heir with a few changes to the shape of the hood.

please be aware that this tutorial assumes that you already know the basics of sewing and have some experience with it, along with the ability to understand basic patterns and sewing terms. this is not a tutorial designed with beginners in mind; if you are new to sewing and you want to make a god tier hood, i donít recommend my tutorial. it will probably just confuse you! ε-(ī・`) フ

but if you do know your way around a sewing machine and you want a clean, professional-looking hood with no visible topstitching or hemming on the outside and a tail that stands up on its own, then this tutorial is for you, and i hope you find it to your liking.

if iím asked to, i may eventually make an addition to this tutorial detailing how to add buttoned flaps for troll horns or jadeís dog ears, but it probably wonít happen for a little while, as iím going to be pretty busy for a bit.

please reblog instead of reposting on tumblr! (◐‿◑)
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Toruu Sep 24, 2013  Student
Just wondering, when you attach the hood to the cape, is there a certain amount of easing in that has to be done, since we haven't actually made the two exactly the same size?

I'm hoping to make the Heir one, might make the neck holes slightly smaller and instead add an invisible zip down the front, do you think that would work out for me?

This is amazing though, I've looked at a LOT of god tier hood patterns and this is definitely the best i've found, thank you so much!
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This is wonderful! I used it to make my Rogue hood for Roxy!
Thank the lord you posted this.

Do you think it may work for Page?

I'm doing a God Tier Tavros and there aren't any tutorials

I also need patters as well since

make it from scratch will end up in disaster

and a waste of money.....

Hi, may I inquire as of what fabric /you/ used for the outer part of the hood?
Dustdown May 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh. Such a neat hood. Might use it on my blog!
Question: I've sewn a Scalemate before, but I learned stitches and stuff. Does that count as experience? >:?
Whitewolfprint Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
thank you so much! :3 now i might actually have a chance of finishing my cosplay before anime matsuri! XD this is really good!! do ou have any tips for making her shoes though? (I'm really stuck on them :3) but again, thanks! :glomp:
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